Тема: Bara do not penetrate! Getafe stick to break the scoreless score.

"I threw" Barcelona is always in the league for the second consecutive game. After the game in the Camps I've always been 0-0 Getafe, but also to lead the flock escape "Bear" to hijack to 7 points in the La Liga game on Sunday, Feb. 11 ago. "Azul Lari" Barcelona's crowd of the table, the score must be missing Samuel Ulysses, the French defender after the penalty, including Thomas Fair to play with injuries and breaks. Gerard Pique is the only backup in this game. I need to work Luca good to fall into the centerpiece with the new Colombian midfielder with new Colombian quarterback. The opportunity to play for Barça is the first game. In the middle of the transfer Philippe Coutinho Brazil new star player. Down the line, the three supporters in front of both Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Paco Algarve netted the attack. The "El Gaeta" Getafe no Marquez Gaggia injury midfielder. The pair face Amadou Di Ej's net with Angela Rodriguez. sbo666